All forms of accommodation. Bacpackers, caravan parks, Guest Houses, Hotels, House Boats, Lodges, resorts, retirement villages as well as self catering.

Sub categories include animal products, animal shelters, pest control, petcare, and vet services.

This group includes Game sales, Goods, and livestock.

Airlines, airports, Aviation services, charters and crop spraying.

This group includes Beauty care, Beauty products and Hair care

This group includes help lines, info services, libraries, media, NGOs and even Unions.

Bakeries, Butcheries,coffee shops, Delis, Home made, Packaging, pub & grill, Restaurants and take aways.

Game Auctions, handling, hunting, parks as well as skins & taxidermi services.

Clinics, Dental, Eye care, Homeopaths, Hospitals, Medical Doctors, Pharmacies,

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